And Now, a Message From Ryan…

Hey Everyone out there in Cyber-World!!  This is Ryan, Miguel’s Technical Advisor and consultant on all things related to technology, business, politics, Social Media, Night Life, Ect., Ect., Ect…

I just wanted to take a minute and sincerely let you know that Miguel has taken the weekend to recharge after an incident he had.  All I can tell you is that it involved a shovel, alligator clips, and a turkey baster.  Hah!!  And he calls me a strange dog!!  I want everyone to know, that I had a previous obligation in Los Angeles.  I made the cover of Sexy Dog Magazine, it is in circulation in only the most exclusive canine circles.  Here is a couple of Pics for you to enjoy!

I’m to Sexy for this blog!!

This is my “meditation” moment!!

Ah!!  You caught Me!!  No I wasn’t meditating!!

Ok, anyway I hope you enjoy the pics, I know your girl dog(s) certainly will, if the fan mail I’ve been getting is any indication!!

As far as technical tips for this week, I want to take this opportunity to advice everyone on a couple of things.  Todays topic ties into last weeks topic of networks.

Always make sure that you have a password set up on your wireless router.  You would be surprised to know, that there are many folks out there stealing wireless access or doing illegal things.  When the police traks them down.  They will come to your door since the IP address will tell them that the illegal activity is coming out of your home.  It is only a security preacution and it is a sign of the times.  I used to think that Internet access should be free, but with illegal activity, I have now changed my mind.  If a criminal is doing inappropriate things at a hot spot, usually, the hot spot provider forces them to an agreement before providing Internet access.  And many businesses have cameras.

Ok, that’s my “bark” for this week.  Remember, if in doubt, first smell, then eat!!


Ryan “Paw Diddy” Gutierrez


A Beautiful Network

Network connectivity is everywhere.  Whether it is your car, television, or even your refrigerator, all things are becoming part of a netwok.  It is for this reason, that this week I would like to share with you some insights as they relate to the network.

As we all probably know the most common network is the ethernet based network.  Some might say, “What about wireless networks?”  In my perspective of the network, an access point, or wireless router must be connected via an ethernet based connection before it can function.  For the home or small office, the router and switch are integrated.  Ethernet cabling is used to connect most devices to a network.  This means that these devices must have an ethernet network (“NIC”) card built in.  In some cases we see wireless network cards in such devices.  In all cases what is interesting is the fact that these devices never needed to be connected to a LAN until just recently.

I understand why printers, speakers, and even radios require wireless or ethernet based LAN connectivity.  I am comfortable with the developments in Internet based telephones, Security Industry Monitoring Equipment,  Blue Ray players, televisions and even cars!  What I am now finding impressive is the developments being made with network connectivity on other machines, in the manufacturing industry.  Automation software is measuring every aspect of modern industry.  These measurements are then being processed by software and adjustments to operations are made seamlessly.  All this, thanks to network connectivity.

Having said all this, it is important that we all understand the basics of a network.  First of couse, is that all networks have an IP address.  Second is that the IP addresses are generally managed through subnets.  The number of available IP addresses in a network are designated by what is known as a subnet mask.   Lastly, any network device needs to know how to transmit outside of the network.  Hence the third critical IP number is know as the Gateway IP address.   There are a variety of network protocols used in industry today.  However the most common protocol uses these settings and is commonly refered to as TCP/IP protocol.  Just to give you a sense of the many layers of communications found in a network, I will present the following diagram:







With that said, If you are interested in getting started on networks, there is a lot of information out there.  Here are some links:

Tech Pork Needs to Get His Batteries Replaced


This is my third posting and I am here to tell you  that tech pork needs to get his batteries replaced!  It has been an interesting week with work, assignments, and Ryan decided to literally eat the couch!  Now that is a sight to come home to.  Anyway, I guess all I really need is a good night’s sleep.  Times like this make me feel a bit philosophical.  Here’s an interesting quote that came down my Google + stream.  I think its words to live by…

“Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by @$$holes.” – William Gibson.

Now to the advice of the week:

As we all have noticed, up and down the East Coast, weather will be causing power outages, that have the potential to not only put us out of communication, but out of favor when it comes to being able to deliver our assignments on time.

Consider getting a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) for your home.  It will prevent the sudden loss of power and may buy you some time to save your work.  If you have a specific model of cell phone, you can tether it to your laptop or you can actually have it act as a hot spot
(specific models with data plans only.  Check with your manual or provider).

Another thing you can do is invest on an inverter for your car.  With an inverter, and the lighter/charger outlet in your car, you can turn your driver’s seat into your office.  Don’t try and drive with all this stuff on. 🙂

This is not a permanent fix, but it may hold you over until you get to a McDonalds or Starbucks, that is if they have power.  Sometimes, everyone is out of

If you neighbor is sporting a generator, well then that would be a perfect opportunity to go introduce yourself.  🙂

Fiery Phoenix or Char Broiled Chicken?

First things first,

You know how the Wright brothers did not really get off the ground on the first try?  Well, I have been climbing and rolling down a hill for the past week and not because I found it fun.  Instead, it is because I am learning to do something new and get it off the ground smoothly.  On top of that, I am looking to do it in such a way that it it is founded upon the idea that it can take off and be a thing that is updated on continues on to be something worth following, even after I am no longer in a class.  I tried fancy and sophisticated, but it only looked as if I was trying to make the pig more interesting by puting a tutu on it.  It just didn’t work.

My passion must be focused on what I know.  These stories are mine and they sometimes have a great deal to do with my line of work.  I work in the IT industry.  I live alone in a house that was built in the mid thirties with my dog Ryan.  Much like writing this blog, it is something that seems to have taken me a few tries to get right.  To my surprise, I have done well under these circumstances and my IT career seems to continue to blossom as I dedicate more time to IT issues in an effort to be a subject matter expert for the company I work for.

As many of you suggested during my MKT 555 discussion, I could probably do this from the perspective of my dog.  but I decided not to, because Ryan can be a real pain sometimes to work with.  Trust me.  He is a real Diva sometimes.

As you can see, when Ryan was a baby, he showed up and was ready to present ideas and provide insight into the IT industry.  He showed up early, brought his tools and was ready to do some serious IT consulting for the masses.  It Seemed like TechPork was a fiery phoenix on the verge of flying into the heavens.

This is Ryan just now, upon finding out that his insight into the IT industry would be requested.  Please don’t get me wrong this is as excited as he gets when the spotlight shines on him.

With this said, It will be me that will be posting ideas, opinions, and rants on the IT industry, and it’s trends relative to a variety of topics.  For now suffice it to say, that I would not be surprised if Ryan went and signed with an agent, and will be expecting extra kibble on his bowl if I am to do business with him.

Best wishes to everyone and will post my next deep thought soon. I know it seems like I’m winding up really slow, but trust me, once I get some momentum, there is no stopping me.  Yes, I am that fat.  🙂


Miguel Gutierrez.